Consignment Information

Here is some basic information about our consignment section! If you bring in consignment, please see the contract as it has more detailed information on consignment. This is more of a general guideline.

What to bring
We take almost any horse riding or horse related items. Breeches, boots, gloves, horse art, Breyers, tack and apparel. We do NOT accept helmets or very damaged goods. We have quite the mix of items in our shop and people come from all around to check out what unique finds we might have in store! From the latest Asmar sweater to an antique horse statue, you never know what you'll find! 

Make the most off your items 
Please bring in your items in a clean and usable condition. If your items are dirty or requiring repairs, this will affect the sale price. At this time, we are understaffed and unfortunately cannot take the time to wash apparel and clean tack. So the condition of your item will affect the sale price as the new owner of your item will have to pay for cleaning and or repairs. We have had people drop things off with bugs, mold, and even dead rodents inside them and we reserve the right to charge a $25 cleaning fee for anything that is exceptionally dirty. Please, please, please clean your items before you drop them off!

The items you bring in can be priced by you or by our staff, the choice is yours! The majority of our clients have us price their items. We price your items based on condition, brand, age, demand, what similar or the same items are currently selling for and based on items we have sold. For items under $500 you get 50% of the sale price if you choose cash/check or 60% if you choose store credit. Example if you sold an item $100 you would get $50 if you chose cash/check or $60 if you chose store credit. For items that are $500 and over you get 75% if you choose cash/check or 80% if you choose store credit. Example if we sold an item for you for $550 you would get $412.50 if you chose cash/check or $440 if you chose store credit. We do reserve the right to lower the price of your items if it is sitting for months. For bigger ticket items like saddles, we will contact you before lowering the price or accepting a lower offer. 

Bringing in your items
You do not need to make an appointment to bring in your items. You can bring them in anytime during store hours. Please check Facebook for any last minute closings or hour changes! If we are super busy, we may not have time to price your items right then and there, but can either call or email you later to go over pricing. If you have not consigned with us before, there will be a form we will need you to fill out with all your information. If you have already consigned with us, you can just leave your items with one of our sales associates.