High Country Plastics Insulated Water Bucket

High Country Plastics Insulated Bucket

Heavy insulation in this bucket prevents water from freezing, allowing horses to drink regularly in an occupied stall. The unique drain design allows for watering with or without a bucket, and makes cleaning easy. The included float helps insulate the bucket from the top by floating at or just below water surface. Your horse can easily access the water by nudging the float, which also helps keep the water circulating.


  • 5-gallon inner bucket included
  • Four mounting holes (two on each side) molded into bucket holder for mounting to stall wall (mounting hardware not included)
  • Field-tested to not freeze until 15° (based on animal’s effectiveness)
  • Not an automatic waterer
Item Specifications:

18¾"W x 14"H x 15¾"L (18"H with included 5-gallon inner bucket)

5 gallons

15 lb.

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