Horsewrite Journal - For Riding Lessons

Use the Horsewrite journal to get the most value from your horse riding lessons so you can keep learning more

For those that are just starting or those that are lesson-veterans, this journal will accompany you to provide a place to set focus, reflect on strengths and weaknesses, and create a healthy routine.

This journal can be used for all disciplines and levels of riders. When you go to your lesson you might feel that things have gotten mechanical or that you are working on the same concepts for months. Going through the movements of grooming, tacking up, and having a riding lesson is not enough to ensure we are progressing in our riding. Take action and start gaining more value from lessons through using this journal.

Included in Horsewrite:

  • Horse profiles
  • Goal setting
  • Lesson tracking and reflection
  • Arena diagrams and grid paper
  • Weekly notes and schedule plus more

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