The Unbelt - Intrepid

This unisex stretch belt is so slim it lies flat, closing the gap between your waistband and you. The size is adjustable and you can actually stick it in the wash if it gets dirty. It looks great, feels comfortable, and is easy to forget you have it on. You can even wear the belt through security because the hardware is made from no-beep recycled metal.
This ride-or-die adventure belt also features:
  • Extra-tough elastic made of recycled water bottles (8.5 bottles per belt!)
  • Non-slip silicone grip
  • Fully machine-washable - no need to unthread from belt loops
  • Beep-free in airport security
  • Secret inner pocket for emergency cash and a key
  • Stretchy, comfy and adjustable from 24" to 58" hips
  • Totally flat under tees - no more tiny mystery holes from bulky buckles
  • Olive Horseshoe Color