Vetrolin Green Spot Out


Easily remove equine urine, manure, and dry sweat stains with Farnam Vetrolin Green Spot Out Spray-On Dry Clean Horse Shampoo. This spray requires no rinsing and leaves your horse with a healthy, high-gloss shine.


  • Eliminates stains: Removes urine and manure stains and helps remove wet and dry sweat stains. Brushes out when dry for a high-gloss shine.
  • Easy, no-rinse formula: Simply spray on horse shampoo, work in, and wipe off with no rinsing required.
  • Ideal for cold weather: This shampoo is a great option when it is too cold, or there isn't time for bathing.
  • Spot clean: Excellent spot cleaner for light-colored coats.
  • Fresh scent: Features an herbal Vetrolin fragrance.