Equine Essentials Mystery Box

It's your chance to get some cool products at a great price! Pick your discipline or theme below. Get $100-$200 worth of equestrian products or horsey-themed pieces for $60! This is a great way to try new products or items you wouldn't have normally thought of giving a go!  These make great gifts or just a fun surprise! 

Each box is different, so if you want try it on a month to month or bi-monthly basis, it would never get boring! 

Dressage Box - Calling all you Dressage Queens and Kings! A mix of dressage focused items and general equestrian items. You'll be ready to dance down the centerline!

Eventer Box - For all of you that do it 3 ways in 3 days! A mix of eventing focused items and general equestrian items. 3,2,1, have a great ride!! 

Hunter/Jumper Box - For the sophisticated rider! A mix of hunter/jumper themed items and general equestrian items! 

Western Box -Yeehaw! A mix of western riding items and general equestrian items!

I Love Horses Box - Really for people that love horses! Nothing super breed or riding style specific. Just some cool products for yourself or that special steed in your life!

Treat Yourself Box - Because your horse can never have enough treats...and neither can you! Treats can also just be items to pamper yourself or your four-legged friend! 

The mystery box cannot be returned. It is final sale.